Column type

DEDVU-K Load Cell

They are used for converting the weight force created by the applied load into electrical signal.

The load cells are used in scales, batchers and force measurement instruments as primary transducers.

They can be used across a variety of industries.



Brief specifications


Rated load, kN(t)

15.0, 20.0, 30.0, 40.0

Precision type

0.06, 0.1

Operating temperature rangeр, °С

from -30 to +50

Maximum permissible voltage, V


Operating transmission coefficient,  mV/V


Impedance, ohm

Input: 700± 2.0;
Output: 720± 4.0


Stainless steel

Weight, kg

See the table


IP 38 (68)

Permissible overload, %


Application (scales type)

POS scales,

platform balance.

DEDVU-K Load Cell is certified by the State Standarts of Ukraine and Russia.