1910 is the date of enterprise foundation, which in 1926 became the base for the first Ukrainian weighting factory, which repaired and produced scales.

In the period from 1928 to 1975, the plant used the experience of leading engineers for the development of industry and expansion of the weighing equipment. It was serial production of  weighbridges, elevator scales, hopper and a number of false dispensers. Only in the period from 1955 to 1966, the designers of the plant had developed more than 100 types and sizes of portion weights and automatic dispensers. Scales have been used in the food, agricultural, chemical, grain processing and construction industries.

In 1976, VEDA company acquires a license from HBM (Germany) and for the first time in the USSR began producing strain gauges and load cells. 

Since 1980, VEDA reaches a new level of production and begins manufacturing of vibration control signal measurement equipment. VEDA engineers introduces unique to that time equipment, used to control vibration condition of steam turbine, gas compressor units and other rotating machines and mechanisms, as well as portable instruments for measuring vibration and vibration diagnostics.

 VEDA actually becomes the only manufacturer in the field of vibration measurements. Stationary vibration control systemVVK-331 and KSA-15 operated on electricity and gas pumping stations of the CIS, Eastern Europe, Central Asian region, the Middle East, Africa, India, Iraq and others. For 30 years the company has produced more than 300,000 individual measurement channels and devices, over half a million sensors.

Since 1996, the entire range of control and signal vibration measurement equipment is available under the trademark TM Vibro-Shield.

Today VEDA is a leading manufacturer of a wide-range of products, which includes:

  • strain gauges,
  • load cells,
  • weighting equipment,
  • elevator equipment,
  • vibration control and monitoring system of complex technical objects,
  • magnetic abrasive finishing.

The main production center of VEDA is located in Kyiv - the largest center of innovation in Ukraine. The company has traditionally focused on the development of new technologies, the introduction of innovative technical solutions, production of new products, using the scientific potential of the country's leading engineers and promoting careers of young professionals.