Food industry

Products manufactured by VEDA group of companies has been widely used in the food industry .

Weighting equipment used in the manufacturing operations of food production, storage products.
Suggested dosing can be either one-component or multicomponent may dosing both dry and liquid materials . Batchers used in manufacturing operations, manufacturing and packing of finished products.
Load cells, which we apply are used as weight sensors in storage devices  in the production process operations and are made entirely of high-quality materials that provide long-lasting operation of the equipment . The material from which the sensors are made  - aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Protection level is selected based on the needs of the customer, thus allowing the use of probes in an aqueous medium , which is an important factor in the food industry.
With our system you can upgrade existing dispensers , as well as equip the new metering systems used in the food industry , such as flour and sugar dosing bakeries and confectionery factories.