Magnetic Abrasive Finishing

VEDA Group of Companies offers a unique method of magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF) with "semi-fixed" abrasive used for uniform and high-quality processing of irregular shaped objects.

The uniqueness of MAF:

  • use of magnetic abrasive powder composite materials with specific properties in weak magnetic fields;
  • special kinematics of instrument movements.

Application of MAF - finish machining during production, repair, strengthening and restoration of the following parts and tools:

  • turbine blades
  • end cutting tools
  • throwaway carbide indexable inserts
  • gear-like parts
  • helical surfaces
  • saws
  • etc.

Can be carried out finishing of magnetic and nonmagnetic materials.


Powders for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing



Technical advantages:

  • Ensuring the undulation of irregular surfaces of Ra <0.1-0.2 microns for a wide variety of materials, such as alloys of aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium, structural and special steels, special heat resistant and sintered hard alloys, technical ceramics, etc.
  • Providing a surface layer with increased hardness, compressive residual stresses and gradient structure.
  • Increased durability of cutting tools by at least 1.8 times.
  • Increased fatigue strength of aircraft engine blades by 15-18%.
  • Sizing when forming thin edges on blades and cutting tools.
  • Rounding tooth tips of the gear teeth.
  • 4-5 times better productivity compared with conventional grinding and polishing techniques.
  • Uniform hardening of machined surfaces.
  • Preparation of surfaces for CVD and PVD coating.
  • Working with products with thin coatings, removing defects, hardening of coated parts.

Economic benefits:

  • Elimination of unproductive manual labour
  • Automated finishing process
  • Automated polishing process
  • Improved tool quality
  • Restoration of old tools
  • Increased service life of tools, savings on new tool purchases.


Tools that can be processed by MAF:

  • shanks
  • milling cutters (cylindrical, disc, end, face, angular, etc.)
  • shaped cutters
  • reamers
  • broaches
  • thread cutting tools
  • grooves
  • brackets
  • measuring plugs.

Customized MAF solutions can be developed and implemented by agreement with the customer.