Made in Ukraine

We design and manufacture our products in Ukraine. For us it is important to maintain high production tradition as well as development and growth of our professional employees. In the first place we look for the solution of assigned tasks using the skills of qualified professionals in their field in Ukraine, since it is here that we have a strong school of design engineers and production capacity, allowing to produce competitive products of high quality.
Design, manufacture, storage and shipment are concentrated in one place, allowing us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, to make changes in the pattern during the order and deliver products on the client-friendly conditions.
The company has traditionally focused on the development of new technologies, the introduction of innovative technical solutions, production of new products, using the scientific potential of the country's leading engineers and promoting careers of young professionals.
VEDA main production center is located in Kiev - the largest center of innovation in Ukraine. The presence of high-class universities contribute to the search for young professionals and working closely with fellow developers and researchers, which in turn allows us to keep up with the times.